Clemson Classic 2014

Z had his first in-town swim meet of the season today. The Clemson Classic. He swam in five events! He is a rock star. Here is the last of his races: the 50 butterfly. He's in lane 6, 3rd from the bottom.
Grandma and Lindsey arrived in time for the afternoon session, and accompanied the rest of us in our cheering and, ahem, device playing:
Actually, this one was the only REAL device player. And thank heavens for the easy bake oven app! Kept him busy the whole time. Well, that and his beloved choo choo trains.
We love Zane!
Among other things, Zane shave 9 seconds off his 50 free time from last January. 
Zane, you are the bomb! Congrats on a great meet!


walt or jean said…
Such a special moment for Zane and family!
ash said…
I love that "YES!" fist. Nine seconds is A TON, way to go, Zane!