Sparkle Punch Quilt

This quilt (tutorial here) started early in the year, when a favorite friend and I decided to have a regular sewing afternoon together once a week. What a great excuse to hang out, and actually getting some quilting done was a total bonus! I found these beginning pictures in my "mar/apr 2014" folder. Long time coming. Some of the fabric, though, I've had since early Florida days. Longer time coming.
 I finished the top quilt sometime right before the summer, but waited awhile for backing and binding fabric to be decided upon/bought/delivered. Then when I got home from the west, my mind was filled with other things/quilts. For some reason, though, October hit and it was TIME to finish this beautiful thing.
 I'll admit I tried to save time by machine quilting at first. I made it one vertical line down before turning the quilt over and finding I had totally bunched the backing up like crazy. It was ugly. So was the unpicking process. After that I embraced the hand quilting avenue, remembering almost instantly that I LOVE the hand quilting aspect. What took me so long?
 Perhaps I'm a bit obsessive, but I finished the quilting in about 3 days. Then the binding took another couple and voila, (voila meaning only 176 steps completed in only 8 months) finished!
My favorite helper was there for another porch reveal. Thanks polka-dot socks girl.
We gave this one away to a sweet family with three girls! I hope they have lots of happy moments with it.


walt or jean said…
We are so amazed at this beautiful quilt. You know how to give the perfect gift. We are so proud of your many accomplishments!