Remember what I said in that last post? I take it all back. Yesterday's "future," today's "present" looked a little something like this.
We could have done without that moment (friendly collision on the playground)! Nasty, dudes!
Actually, Z handled it with poise and maturity. A teensy bit of shock after the 4 stitches were in, but that's it, and by afternoon, it was almost completely forgotten about. An absent mind is not always a bad thing. Reminded me of when we went to the ER one Halloween for a gash he got at the church party. By the time the dr got around to seeing him, he couldn't remember why we were there. Love that Z.
Here he is all stitched up. I told him he didn't have to smile. He liked that.

Let's keep the leaves on the trees from now on, shall we?


walt or jean said…
Way to be tough Zane! We are so glad you are OK,