Past, present, future

We had a happy weekend. Kids had some play dates, Brandon got to go to his third and final football game (and it was a good one!) of the season, and I got to get another baby quilt to the hand quilting stage (yes! pictures to come!). The just-barely-turning-colors leaves weren't quite falling yet earlier this week (see below), then started in an almost hurried way this weekend after a storm. Suddenly we found ourselves with gigantic piles to jump in (see further below).
There's a metaphor in here somewhere. Just when things get comfortable and quite beautiful (where I finally arrived last week--soccer finally over so Z returned to just swimming, which is still a lot, just not too much; Annie's dance teacher noticed something special in her and moved her up to a more challenging class, changing our trip to the neighboring town to a better time each week; music at the preschool has become happy routine, etc), life tumbles forward at an alarming pace. Eek! Scary! Don't change, I just got comfy! And yet, there is beauty/peace in the moments: past, present, and future. Leaves on trees = gorgeous! Leaves coming down in gusty droves = also very cool! And even when the leaves hit the ground = still lots of fun to be had. Past, present, future. Good things. Just don't try and take pictures of it all. Unless you don't mind pictures like this:

Sigh. I waxed a bit poetic up there.  It's the hand quilting, I apologize. Lots of time to sit and ponder. :) Welcome, fall!


walt or jean said…
So many leaves! Looks like great fun.