Hexagon baby quilt

We finished another quilt over here this week. Last summer (maybe two summers ago, actually) I bought a pack of 20+ pre-cut green/blue/gray hexagons (see, I'm not completely crazy!). I had big dreams of making it into some kind of quilt for Soren.
But I could never figure out what to do with those dang things.
And plus, (and this is a bit of a secret) we didn't really need another baby quilt for Soren.
So my pile of hexis went in a drawer for a (long) while.
This summer I saw a quilt hanging on a wall in Logan UT which combined hexagons and small triangles into a very cool pattern! Score! I was so happy I had waited! I added some whites to the stack, made (with the help of my mathematician husband) appropriately sized-triangles to fill in the gaps, and we were off!
Um, let's just say that during this step I was glad this thing was only crib-sized. The matching up of all the points (cut more on the bias than straight up and down and therefore oh so stretchy) was Cum.Ber.Some. Thank heavens for audiobooks and only 6 rows of 8. Phew!
When the quilt top was finished, I had my two favorite models help me document that step. 
Is that boy playing with the pin cushion!? Someone find his mother!
After I finished the quilt top (and this is true with most quilts I've done thus far), I had to rest and take deep breaths for a few days because there was still a lot of work to do! Finding fabric for the back, piecing the back, making the sandwich, hand quilting, making the binding, sewing the binding to the back with the sewing machine, hand stitching the binding to the front, and of course, the name embroidery. Then, ta-da (I love how that expression makes it seem immediate and effortless)! The quilt is done and it's time for another pose on a porch (only one leg this time!)
Don't feel sorry for me with all those steps, by the way. They are happy steps. Especially the "wash and dry it, then pull it out and admire the bumpiness" one. It's a favorite. There are lots of favorites.
And now this is happy quilt is on its way to a new home and I get to start anew. What, cook dinner, what?


Ginger said…
Gasp! Gorgeous! I love the hidden stars...they popped out at me out of nowhere. So cool...I'm so jealous!...in a good way.
wyomingmom said…
Love it. I may be inspired to make the quilt out of the stash I have hidden in my project bin somewhere. Did you find that child's mother? I may need some pins. Oh, and could I borrow your models?