Bubbles and Leaves

We went outside yesterday because our littlest requested "BUBBLES!" He doesn't say many words, especially two-syllable, but he knows and loves "BUBBLES!" I am smitten, so I gave in. The older two are similar in their affection to number three, so they followed me outside. And of course I tried to capture a glorious "weee, bubbles!" moment, but everything important was blurry. 
The flowers and trees behind were quite glorious, though. So I left the kids alone and did the rest of my picture taking looking over and up.
Bubbles, bubbles, what? All I see are leaves, leaves, leaves.
(ps: thanks for the kind words about my latest quilt! Hugs to all of you, I appreciate it!)


wyomingmom said…
I can actually see bubbles and the leaves are quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
walt or jean said…
Sure do love that bubbles boy! He is blessed to have adoring sibs and parents. The leaves gorgeous too.
ash said…
Hooray! Wish we were bubbling right there next to you, friend. Give those lovely children of yours a hug from us.