Birthday and Pendleton Fall Festival

Enough with the busted lip! Z healed well, and we're getting the stitches taken out today. Onward.
Annie's birthday was last week, and the highlights were legos, books, a journal, some money for Target, and a very tall bike! In the evening, we cleaned the church then had Chiplotle. She's pretty easy to please. And after my adventure in coconut cakes, I especially appreciated her request for "Publix cupcakes!" You got it, gal!
 Happy seven years old, our Anniegirl!
On Saturday, we attended the neighboring town's fall festival. This is our third year going--the first year it was a little cold, last year it was blazing, and this year it was just right. Perhaps we should call it perfection and be done!
The big kids made spider lollipops and ghost lollipops while Soren just kept EATING lollipops. Best day of his life thus far. There was also a bounce house/slide that was too expensive so we didn't spend as much time there as Soren would have liked. The rest of the trip, he kept pointing over to it and making the "woosh!" sound while moving his hands in a pleading, "slide" gesture.
The only time Soren wasn't interested in the bounce house, in fact, was when the funnel cake was purchased.
Okay, and also when the banjo started playing.
I had it in my head that we needed a short walk to complete the experience, so we wandered away from the square towards a bakery I've never been in before. Along the way were some really old houses and some not-so-old-but-still-southern-gorgeous houses that I insisted we take note of.
 We arrived at the end of the journey only to find that the silly old bakery was closed! Ridiculous! So, we grumpily walked back past all those beautiful houses and found ourselves to the bakery on the square that we know and love, and cheered ourselves up with multiple baked-goodnesses.
 Moral of the story: why walk when you can eat pastries?


walt or jean said…
What a great place to celebrate Fall. Soren is the dance king!
wyomingmom said…
This is over a week after you posted this but I just had my dance fix of the day. All I have to do is watch Soren dancing and I am happy. That boy has some moves.