Labor Day on the water

Real-time blogging for a minute. Yesterday we were able to spend the most beautiful afternoon out on Lake Keowee, about 25 minutes from our house. Some wonderful friends invited us onto their boat for swimming and tubing and a much enjoyed afternoon on the water.
I was having way too much fun to take pictures. Watching both kids experience fast moving water sports for the first time was epic. Annie started out a teensy bit wary, but as soon as she figured out the sign for "go faster" (thumbs up), she would bust it out after every turn. Zane's contagious laughter carried clear back to us on the boat every time he bumped, jumped, and wiggle-waggled around. B and I even took a turn, and Soren too, who giggled and wept intermittently. He never could figure out if he actually wanted to ride or not. Anyway, it was a fabulous "day-cation," made even better by kind and patient friends (read: we have a cranky two year old) who have recently moved here and are already showing US how to truly enjoy the upstate of SC.
With love from the cranky 2 year old: