Adding Nick and Cort then Jon/Tina/kids to the Mix

Nick and Cort arrived from DC the day after Katie's visit. (They passed Brandon in the air, as he headed home to SC.) We were so happy to be able to spend some quality hours with them over the next couple of days. Thank you for saving us some time, fellows!
Whenever Nick is around, our pictures get exponentially better. Of course, most of them are of our little people, probably because they are all addicted to Nick. He has a special way with the lot of them. Cort didn't do so bad himself this time either: 

We did a group shot with all grandkids, which will be mine to share someday, I hope. Until then, here's the best my-kids-picture-series ever:
Christmas (card picture) in July, for sure:
Thanks as always, wonderful Nick.
Jon and Tina and family arrived a few days into N and C's visit! With all the comings and goings, we Stone kids tried on numerous occasions to get an all-siblings picture. We failed. But here are two 4-of-5s: 
So happy to be related to these folks. 
More to come of the happy chaos that made up our last 10 days in Utah! 


gaylene said…
Those are some great pictures of some beautiful people. We had happy chaos here, too, as we got settled in (mostly). We'll have to try to catch you next time you guys are in town! :)