About 10 days into our trip, Brandon joined us and we went with his family to Vernal, Utah. 
We went there to visit the graves of his dad's parents, as well as to enjoy the various dinosaur museums and monuments in the area. I loved this map of just exactly where we were one particular moment:
Our first afternoon was spent at the actual Dinosaur Museum in town. It was impressive! Dinosaur bones and early artifacts from peoples around this area.
The next morning we spent time at the cemetery. I couldn't quite get over the sky. So big, so vast, everywhere we turned. I guess that makes me an easterner.
It was a tad sunny as well, no biggie kids without sunglasses.
After the cemetery, we traveled out to an original dig site where dinosaur bones were discovered in the 1920's. I loved this place! They built the viewing structure at the National Monument around the actual wall of dinosaur bones awesomeness:
Some of us {Annie} enjoyed our dinosaur adventure a bit more than others {Zane}. In fact, Zane's blog-worthy quote at the end of the second day was, "I've decided I probably won't be an archeologist when I grow up." Still, we loved being with family and seeing such a unique place. Great idea, Grandma and Grandpa Ross! 


alliehoopes said…
I chuckled enough at sunglasses and non-career quotes to come and tell you.