The first part of happiness from Bear Lake

B went to Canada for a week after our time with his family. While he was away, we packed up and headed to Bear Lake. We stopped in Logan on the way to pick up some of our favorite people and had a glorious afternoon/evening together on the beach and at the cabin.

The mosquitos were crazy in the evening(!) so we didn't spend too much time outside. Still, I managed to get a couple pics, including Em's Brock, who's working up at Bear Lake all summer.
Some places in this world are just extra beautiful, am I right? How lucky we felt to have a few moments in this particular one.

B returned to the states in time to join us for our second day there. All the kids were thrilled to have him, Soren especially.  
Sigh. Lots of good exhaling. Thank you to my parents for arranging such a happy getaway! Pictures from the beach our final morning are coming next!