Summer Happiness in Sections: 4th of July

We are back from our fun summer in Utah! I have a few "highlight" sets of photos with which to remember the trip. The first is our 4th of July evening. Sparklers and mint Oreos (oh mint Oreos, I hope they don't sell you in South Carolina) were pulled out and enjoyed in Gigi and Bampa's backyard (gone are the days when I used to avoid the holiday altogether!) before heading to Thanksgiving Point for fireworks with the big kids, Em, and the Eric/Hayley family.
The real "fireworks" of the evening happened when Annie was accidentally hit just under the eye by an errant frisbee while waiting at Thanksgiving Point. A little bit of ouch + a little bit of attention = many tears from Annie and a teensy bit of worry for the adults of the party. Would she need stitches? Do they stitch that close to the eye? What about glue? Do they glue that close to the eye? Sigh. I made the choice to wait it out, ice it, etc. Luckily, by the next morning when she woke up and showered, all that was left was a {rather striking] red mark and swollen eye. Crisis averted. 
(Above left is in the car on the way home. Right is the next morning. We avoided mirrors all week.)
 Happy 4th of July, 2014!


Crystal Davis said…
It looks like you had a good time!! I am sorry we missed each other.
walt or jean said…
What a wonderful and eventful summer!