Last Morning at Bear Lake

Did I mention we were actually only at Bear Lake for three days? Not enough! But I shouldn't complain! It was just a snippet of our vacation where I truly wanted to freeze time and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the nature and people around me. (Could it be because we finally got Brandon with us, without his computer, for more than a few hours?)
Our last morning there, B and I snuck down with all the kiddos (including cousin Lolo) specifically so I could take pictures. (I had on purpose kept my camera up at the house during all our other beach excursions, simply so I would be forced to look with my own eyes, enjoy with my own heart, etc.) I'm not sure the kids knew of my plan; they just thought it was playtime! Hee hee, so sneaky.
Fabulous morning. And as icing on the cake, after we left the happiness of Bear Lake, we got to visit our friends in E-town on our way down to Payson, where we spent a bonus night with B's parents. 
Still, we may have left a small piece of our hearts (and Pops's toothbrush) at the Lake. Can you blame us?


walt or jean said…
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
walt or jean said…
We noticed both Soren and Zane have the crouch position down to perfection. How do they do that?
walt or jean said…
The last picture could be titled, "How My Brain Works," a sculpture by Zane Ross.
Debbie said…
Beautiful pictures, Michelle! Miss you guys.