Katies and Babies and Emmys and Gardens

Cousin Katie had the day off on Pioneer Day (thank you, Utah!) so we snagged her for an afternoon/evening of food and fun. We spent a good portion of her visit outside in my parents' backyard/garden. (What a fun place that is every summer, as we anticipate then enjoy yummy summer veggies!) The light that night was so awesome for a few minutes too, enough time to get a shot of Annie's still-luscious lips, as well as us gals together.
 Katie is a true baby whisperer. I am always happy to pass off my babes into her caring arms, and I know Hayley feels the same way about Jack. Plus, K and J had matching gray t-shirts! A picture was meant to be.
Katie, we always have such a beauty time with you. Thanks for spending your holiday with us!
Here are a few more pictures from my parents' yard this week, sent from Em. She headed back to college yesterday, we all weep! We need Emmy. And my mom was so key in our wonderful visit this summer--I didn't take enough pictures of her doing all her Gigi magic, so I'm sneaking one in now of both of them. Gramps, the vegetation from your garden literally fed the thousands this summer, and it sounds like it hadn't even reached its peak! Anyone in the AF area, please go take some apples/nectarines/tomatoes/green beans off my parents' hands. Gardens, hoorah!
Writing these summer posts is filling me with all kinds of happiness. How lucky we were!