First Day Smiles

Here's a short interruption to our summer re-cap: it's the first day of school today! We had to stop in and say hello. 
Kids are nice, aren't they? Go over here. Smile! Now go over there. Smile! Now take off your glasses. Smile! I'm pretty sure school was sounding pretty awesome when compared to hanging with mom and her requests all day. 
4th grade and 1st grade, here we go! Z, I'm glad your hair calmed down, at least for the first day.
 Since I'm blogging real-time today, we had some last minute summer visitors this weekend I'd like to remember. Some of our Florida friends were on the last leg of an epic journey (they saw Carlsbad Caverns, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, and Nauvoo, as well as family and friends along the way) and stayed one night then went to church with us before heading the rest of the way home. Incredible! Great folks, with such fun friends for my kiddos.
(Annie may or may not have worn her first day of school dress on Sunday too. She was a little anxious.)
Getting that last set of pictures off my camera reminded me of another set of pictures I had from June when another set of Florida friends stopped by on the way home from a family trip. We sure like being "on the way home" from so many places, at least to our Florida buddies. And speaking of buddies, Annie had a great time with this little gal.
 And Soren is beautiful.
 And so were the hydrangeas that day.
Now, back to summer vacation!


walt or jean said…
Thanks for sharing first day of school pictures and comments! We hope Zane and Annie will have a wonderful school year. Zane is so handsome; Annie is a beauty! Soren is lookin' good.