A Family Reunion Morning and Weekend Together

After we returned from Vernal, B's family gathered and on Saturday we spent a morning of official "reunion part one" activities together. It was only part one because Linds couldn't be there until after we went home to SC. So they spent part one with us, and planned to have part two later in the summer.
We went up Payson Canyon (I think? where has my brain and memory gone to? will it ever return?) to a nice picnic spot with lots of shade, tables, a small stream, and lots of other enjoyable nature stuffs. Everyone managed to spread out and have fun, and even when we tried the impossible (a picture of ALL GRANDCHILDREN in birth order), we got surprising results. Aside from the bunny-ear maker below, I'd say we did great, no? CaydenAlexDrewMorganBrynneZaneAdamIsaacAnnieMarshallEliseMelissaSorenJoelKatherine
Phew! Can't google search it that way.  
 Then it was the adults' turn. Almost better. :)
We shared a yummy picnic together, played Koob and frisbee, and still got the babies home for afternoon naps. Wonderful! It was very cool to have {almost} everyone together in one place. Linds, we missed you. Next time girl!
Later in the weekend, we spent some happy times out in B's parents' new backyard, picking raspberries and eating homemade shave ice. 
 I find that if you ask kids to look their grumpiest first, the "smile" request to follow isn't as hard to comply with.
 I should have gotten a picture like this with each of Brandon's lovely sisters. At least I nabbed Ashley this time!
 Two cuties: they are only about 6 months apart, so it was fun to watch the similar manner in which they tackled life.
 The last morning of our trip, I snagged one more picture for posterity. Grandpa was sad we were leaving! 
Luckily, because B's parents now live in Utah, we were able to see them again and again in the coming weeks, so this wasn't our FINAL final morning. Although we miss the chance to visit WYO, we sure appreciate this more convenient method of hanging out! We love our grandparents!