Soren's 2nd bday happiness

Someone had a birthday this week! Hayley offered to make him a cake (oh yeah, birthday boys need a cake, good idea!) so we gathered with both sets of grandparents and enjoyed a little party of sorts in Gigi's backyard. Thank you Hayley for the cake and the water guns! Thank you grandparents for coming and being okay with being squirted by the water guns! And thanks Em, for the pictures. (Apparently Soren posed for this first one, then went and checked how it turned out. He's learned.)
I wonder how many birthdays of Soren will get to be spent in such bliss. Hopefully this is the 2nd annual in a lot of annuals. :) 


walt or jean said…
So much fun. What a wonderful little fellow.
ash said…
Oh, Soren! You have my heart, little buddy. Happy Birthday!
Tina said…
Summer birthdays are truly the best. Because there's sun, and time to be together, and the general ability to be outside.
I can't wait to hang out with all these blue-eyed, blonde-haired little people (including you)!