Emily Asher's Garden Party

Family! Friends! My musician hero/buddy Emily is at it again, recording a new cd with her band, Emily Asher's Garden Party, and she needs our help!

I had the opportunity to see this band live in New York when I visited in May and they knocked my socks off! Talented musicians, toe-tapping music, sing-along melodies, they have it all. Plus, Emily is an excellent and trusted friend; I am confident she will put our funds to good use.

Please, head over to Emily's kickstarter page and make a donation. You'll receive some great tunes and will be supporting a very deserving musician. And if you want to know more about Emily, head over to her site here.
 Thanks!  http://kck.st/1sq269i


Tina said…
You are truly a great friend-- I'm seriously glad to be one of yours.
Best Wishes to Emily and her awesome group!