He heard and delivered

Oh Nick. You captured my babies, right where they are in this instant. Thank you 10 times over.

Zane loves playing frisbee. When the idea of a walk or a visit to a park comes up, Zane's first question is always, "Can I bring a frisbee?" He's gotten remarkably good, throwing hammers to his pops, catching all sorts of long and complicated passes, being in general crazy but successful in most attempts. Sounds like a 10 year old boy, right? He's almost there.  Anyway, in photographing Z while immersed in the "zone" of this activity, Nick managed to eek out more of his true personality than I have in years. Master frisbee player meet master photographer.

(You might have noticed more than one frisbee color. Lately, we've had to bring two, so Soren can think he's playing too. Our current family motto is: Do whatever you have to in order to keep Soren quiet and happy.)

Side note: Zane got glasses recently! One day at church we were sitting in the back and Zane leaned over to me and said, "Mom, could you tell me the numbers for the song? Sometimes I can't read from so far away." What the? I asked him if it was a problem at school too and he said, "Not a problem, I just sit closer to the white board." Oh great! So we had him checked and sure enough, he's near-sighted. An hour later, he emerged from the eye doctor place looking more studious and Zane-like than ever.
Well, perhaps a bit more Zane-like than studious.
Big kids, blue shirts, nature (Soren was sleeping).
Annie was happy to be Nick's toothless muse during the visit, as she is happy to help in any facet of everyday life. Need a napkin? Annie's gotcha. Plate not cleared fast enough? She'll snatch it from ya. Shoes? Glasses? SO MUCH HELP YOU HAVE TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND REMEMBER TO BE THANKFUL FOR ALL THE HELP? deep breath, you got it. :) 
Such poise these days too.
Cort helped Annie do a little partner ballet while he was here. She is still talking about it. "So, SO cool."

Soren is so almost two years old and my, he plays the part well! He trips, he falls, he cries, he scabs, and then he does it all over again. He also loves walks (who am I kidding: runs), sticks, hats, falling into ponds at the botanical gardens, and if you can believe it, getting his picture taken. When he runs, his left arms revs back and forth, back and forth, propelling him forward. When he cries, it's almost always for "DA DA DA DA!" I can't seem to cut his hair yet. Something about those blonde locks have me mesmerized. (Or I'm just too cheap and nervous to take him some place.)
I'm looking forward to a summer full of these crazies! If only Nick could be here to document things so beautifully all the time.


Tina said…
Aaakk! I have so many comments that popped in my head while reading this post-- bullet points are in order.
-- the Zane action shots are really cool looking. My boys love frisbee too, so we'll need to put that on the to-do-in-Utah list.
-- I like your skinnies!
-- loving Zane's new glasses: color and style choice
-- I know this may sound crazy, but I wish I had a "helper" child like Annie. Seriously I feel like I'm the only one who notices any details around here. Out of 4, you think one of them could have that natural ability? Nope.
-- We have a similar family rule right now-- give the baby anything to make him stop screaming. I wonder how long that rule lasts? I don't want it to be forever.
-- I hear you on the haircut issue. We finally had to do Asher recently because it was looking SO BAD. But I hate paying someone else full price to cut my baby's hair. Not worth it. So Jon and I do a hack job the best we can. It doesn't look that great. You'll see.
-- Yes, Nick pics are the best. Seriously- we are lucky to have his talent in our family.