Hard times and good times, mixed all together

Some of our best buddies moved away from our town today! Oh, it is a hard day. 
See, sometimes, but not very often, entire families just click. Moms click (over sewing and workouts and nyc, as seen below [yes, finally a peek at my incredible trip from last month]), dads click (over all things cerebral and all things sports, bless their well-rounded hearts) and kids click (some in the form of skipping and hand holding and pretending together for hours on end, others in the form of wrestling then battling then finally chill game/card playing [thank you 3rd and 4th grade for creating the latter monsters]).  
When this unique and happy connection happens, ones seems to hold one's breath, first in disbelief, then in sheer relief, and finally in not wanting the moment to pass. And yet, here it has gone, they are headed for exciting times in the west! So we are bummed.
Lucky for us, though, something tells me that even though the "moment" of residing in the same town has indeed passed, the friendship moment is just getting started. Best of luck and love, dear buddies! (And thanks for Nick for the moments captured below...)
And yes, New York. Another one of the "hold your breath" moments. I've known since returning that any attempt to retell won't do justice to the experience had. But you'd still like a picture or two, right?
Good friends, good times together. Happiness.


walt or jean said…
You are truly blessed. And you are a great blessing to your friends and family. We love you. Loved all the pictures.
wyomingmom said…
So glad you could go to New York City and had an absolutely wonderful time.
gaylene said…
I agree with walt or jean :) you are always a blessing to your friends! And that trip to new york looks amazing.
ash said…
When I'm feeling down about the "newness" around here I just think about you visiting in August. (Last week was just an unscheduled bonus). I'm so happy we all just click...even the big ones. Here's to the next chapter in our invaluable friendship. Love you, woman!
What a magical time it was having you here!! Thank you for stepping into my life for a few days and blessing me!
Tina said…
I know how you feel-- as the one who has had to stay behind as friends leave.
And I'm glad I got the play-by-play from your New York trip previously because now I have the pics to go along with it. Except-- am I supposed to know the guy you gals are posing with (Ashley in the purple pants)?