First Day Last Day (and on to the rest of our lives)

School's out for summer! I couldn't be more relieved. I never got used to 7am (scoff some of you, I know, but Soren still likes two-hour hang outs in the middle of the night, which chops up the sleep quite a bit). blech. 
Here are the first day/last day comparisons. I have completely different children, from the looks of it.   
Zane was sitting here comparing himself. "Hmm," he said. "Same backpack, crazier hair." Which kinda explains Z each year, as this is his fourth year with that backpack. Same backpack but every year, crazier hair.
And our Annie's hair grew and grew and grew. And got lighter? That may be the photoshopping. The "same" element here? Same sweet gal, of course. 
Yesterday was our first official day of summer. This is what we did:
1. Daily deena
2. Gym with mom
3. Publix as a reward for #2
4. Lunch with goods from Publix
5. Weed/pick up sticks outside 30 min
6. Soren to bed/Annie's friendship stone project (that she got for her BIRTHDAY in OCTOBER)
7. Dessert making for later happiness (berry cobbler!)
8. Scopa! and "home school" math for Annie, made cool by her buddy from our Charleston adventures
9. Z to Swim
10. Pick up Z and Pops, head to lake
11. Dinner and swim with nice folks at said lake
12. Home waaaaayyy past bedtime

Today is our second official day of summer..... I'm already tired.


gaylene said…
They grew so much this year! crazy. And Ethan enjoyed Zane's hair :)
Tina said…
It's really fun to look at the comparisons! Zane's hair situation is pretty great.