Death Valley Open Water Meet 2014

This past weekend was the big Death Valley Open Water swim meet. Zane's team (Clemson Aquatic Team or CAT) hosted 380+ swimmers from all over the place, and there were 4 races: 5k, 3k, 1k, and 1/2k.  Last year, before he was even a member of the team, Zane signed up and swam the 1/2k. This year, he doubled it. He never ceases to amaze me. B and I volunteered during the meet (it's a requirement when you have your kid join the team, lots of parental support, very cool), so we were there eaaaaarly in the morning (thank you Ashley for staying with my babies! you saved the day). I wish I would have thought to take a picture at 6am when the fog was still on the water! This was at about 10am, when it had all burned off, revealing an absolutely gorgeous day. (This is 12 minutes from our house. Who's coming to visit next?) 
 Zane swam around noon. "1k" means 1000 meters, give or take. In the lake. HOLY MOLY. I was so proud of him!! He is sitting by me now and thinks I should mention the phrase "awesome sauce." Now he is embarrassed.
 The fellow behind him is his "mentor" from the team who swam with him during the race. Thank you CAT team for thinking up this brilliant idea so the mothers of the 9 year olds don't have to freak out completely. The dude is headed to West Point in the fall. 
Zane finished in 24 minutes. He's my hero. Then he went home with friends and B and I stayed another 12 hours to work. Or maybe it only felt like 12 hours. :) Baptism by fire, we had. Many hours at the lake that day.
Then we came home and hosted a party for our ward choir families (50ish people total). Because that's how this summer has gone so far. 
We need a vacation from ourselves. :)


wyomingmom said…
Zane is amazing and I am with you on the mentor swimming. A brilliant idea to keep the kids safe and the moms halfway sane.
Tina said…
This is all very cool. But can someone change the event name, please? You're freaking me out, people!
I am so impressed that Zane swam open 24 minutes. Are you kidding me?!
My poor children have no genetic athletic ability.