Visitors and walks and parasols and things

We got to spend last week with two very special visitors while their parents enjoyed a special getaway. (Zane was leery: "I'm not sure I would leave my children on one continent while I went to another continent, but okay!") Our week was filled with pretend play and outside play and games and movies and walks and baking and on and on. This back-to-normal week has been a serious letdown in comparison. 
I didn't take a huge amount of pictures, but did bring my camera along on one of our "family" walks.
We were quite the lineup, with jump ropes and too-big-flip-flips ("I wear Annie's shoes!") and frisbees to boot. By the end we were strewn out in a long line, with Pops and Soren (and both frisbees, as per Soren's insistence) bringing up the rear.
People kept asking me, "How are you managing with all those children?" And all I could say (besides giggling and thinking of people like you, DJ and Kandice, who do this and more for real every day) was, "But you see, these aren't ORDINARY children. At least not our visitors. Sorry, my kids." :)

When the parental figures returned, they brought with them a parasol and toile de jouy and napoleon on a mug and a marie antoinette jewelry box and a paper model of versailles as gifts. And a purple polka dot pillow for the little one. Should have gotten a picture of that.
Here's to friends for life. :)


Tina said…
Ok...don't be mad. But I came to catch up on your blog and this is where I left off last time. I'm sorry! When did you change to the new format? (About two months ago, you'll probably say.)