First one tooth, then the other

I left out a detail about Annie's lost tooth a few posts ago. Right after she lost it, she lost it! She couldn't find it anywhere! She was so worried. Our dad was out of town, but when she talked to him on the phone that evening, he told her the good news. Turns out, if you LOSE your LOST TOOTH, as long as you write the tooth fairy a note, you get DOUBLE the money! (ps: thanks a lot, dad-out-of-town! As if one dollar in cash/coins isn't hard enough to come by for the poor tooth fairy!) The note was written, the happy face found in the morning along with two bucks. Score!
I was glad she had forgotten about that rule by the time this next tooth came out. 
 Biggest. gap. ever! 
In other news, my dad may or may not have turned 60 this week! A tie was in order. Dad, it's in the mail! Love you!


ash said…
I know I don't usually comment on here because we see each other pretty regularly, but "mer❤️made" is the cutest thing EVER.

Well, your Annie girl is pretty cute, too.
walt or jean said…
That tie could be the best ever! Annie is beautiful.
wyomingmom said…
Loved Annie's amile and the tie. I made my dad a tie for Christmas once. A few years later my brother entered it in an ugly tie contest and won. They didn't tell me for years so my feelings wouldn't get hurt. :)
Tina said…
I love it when kids lose both front teeth at the same time! Jonas is really close, maybe by the time we see you in a few weeks, his will be out too.
Nice tie-- not ugly one bit!