Dancing Queen

Tonight was this little lady's spring dance recital.
So this post is filled with videos for grandparents.
But first, take a look at this lady. Sure, she's only in costume from waist up (and I'm not complaining about the cutest handmade skirt from Tina and warm weather flip flops below either)--but the form is to die for, right?

Rosy cheeks and Emmy's lipgloss were also a bonus this afternoon. 
Later, when we met up just before the recital (she had gone early to practice), Annie said, "Mom, they put sparkles on my EYES! IS THAT OK?!?!" I assured her it was cool, and she pranced off once more, readier than ever to strut her dancing stuff.
Now, on to the dances! In dances one (Raindrops) and three (Lucky Ladybug), Annie is third from the right. In dance two (Butterfly), she starts standing on the far left and travels to the far right for the majority of the dancing.
I was surprised and pleased and flattered and so thankful when two of my favorite ladies here showed up with their kids to support Annie (and her friend, Jane) (and her mom, Michelle) during the recital. As we were all leaving, one of them said, "Well, Annie SHINED today, that's for sure." I think you will all agree (although some of that is due to the actual sunshine, at least in the first video.)  She's our dancing queen. ps: Sorry about the shakiness of the third video. Soren caught a glimpse of my videotaping and wanted to sit on my lap. Then tap on my phone. Then chat. :)
Another nice friend with a real camera was there capturing all the girls up close, and she's been kind enough to put them on a cd for us soon. So be ready for more Annie shots.


Emily said…
By FAR the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. Can I be Annie's number one fan? (:
walt or jean said…
She dances like her mother.
wyomingmom said…
Love it! Can't wait for more.
Tina said…
She really does have great form-- so graceful! Glad she liked the skirt. :)