Life is flying by and even I, the ever-blogger, haven't been able to keep up with the latest batch of adventures. One would think this post might be an opportunity to catch up just a bit; instead, let's look at pictures from Nick (who's here at this very moment!) of my Soren (who heard Nick the photographer was coming and bit the dust/scuffed up his beautiful face just in time) in the (beloved by almost everyone) cruiser.
 Nick and Cort are here for the weekend and we are wearing them out with requests for pictures, cakes, walks, games, stories, steaks, songs, silly iphone apps, and on and on and on. So glad to have you dudes!


walt or jean said…
So glad you could have Nick and Cort for such a nice visit. Seeing Soren makes us want to roll our windows down and cruise.
Tina said…
That cruiser is so cool-- perfect for pics. His dimple kills me!