Soren's little personality is coming out more and more as he reaches, ahem, the two year mark. And by ahem I mean "tantrum." Yeah, he's getting real good at those. But he also has really comical moments too, where I honestly think he's trying to make us laugh on purpose. Like the other day, when we were bubbles-ing outside with Annie. The faces, the giggles, they were all for show.

But the reason this set made it on to the blog? The hair.
 I am grateful to be a mother, though I have yet to be a perfect one. The journey is cumbersome, but I'm cognisant of and thankful for the many happy moments along the way. Cheers, my babies! I love you!


walt or jean said…
Unbelievably cute! You are a wonderful mother.
Tina said…
Let me know when you figure out the perfect mother thing, I'm still looking too.