Savannah for Easter

We had such a good time last Easter in Savannah, we decided to make it a tradition. Even though Mother Nature tried to interfere this time with torrential rains on our way down and drizzles most of the rest of the weekend, we totally overcame the elements and had a fabulous time once again.

I've mentioned before about being in love with these trees, right? They are what seals the deal on Savannah's goodness, for sure.
Saturday morning we avoided the early rain by going into the beautiful and historic mansion-turned-Telfair Museum. We saw the famous bird girl statue: lovely for sure, and our visit in there was just long enough for the rain to diminish outside! Perfect timing!
From the museum, we went to lunch then parked in the middle of the historic district and walked to Forsyth Park, taking pictures along the way. At the park, we found playgrounds for the little/medium-sized kids and a big grassy field for the frisbee-ers, which made everyone very happy.
Zane took this picture below. Thanks Z! (He is sitting here with me and has now commented, "I'm just glad I didn't have to be in it!")
Yes indeed, Z's hatred for pictures has stuck with him, as showcased below. I wanted a comparison picture with another of these three from a couple of years ago (found here). And this is after I asked him to try and look pleasant!
The two ladies accompanying him had no problem with pictures.
I just loved the gates, staircases, alleyways, and of course, the trees.
Oh yeah, and this is how Soren reacts when I point a camera in his direction these days. Perhaps instead of saying "CHEESE!" he's saying, "HAM!"
ps: Z still loves to photobomb though. Luckily I'm getting faster on my reaction time.
Happiest of sighs. Sunday brought with it the beautiful horns and organ music (and a lovely rendition of the Easter story for the kids!) at the Episcopal church, then it was home to Clemson for an evening egg hunt. Yes, we brought our favorite people back here with us! More on that later.
(My beautiful Lu! And my silly pose!)
(Zane tried to look happier! It was Easter after all!)
(Ahh...home again. Thanks to B for this shot--I was busy getting dinner ready and he just knew what I'd wish I had so he grabbed the camera and captured the hunt without even being asked. Plus, he's doing the dishes right now so I can blog. Thank you B.)


Tina said…
Such pretty Easter pics! I think I would have enjoyed a visit to an Episcopal church on Easter Sunday.
walt or jean said…
Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories.