Gigi and Gramps' visit

We had the pleasure of hosting my parents last weekend. What fun we had. Do you want mostly stories or mostly pictures? (PICTURES!) Okay, you got it.
Soren loved having multiple people to drag outside and play ball/blow bubbles/go on walks/smile at the kitty. I loved the break/help! 
Gramps became the official games-with-Zane player and Gigi didn't disappoint in the treats department, including these Easter yummies.
Let's face it, everything was better with Gigi and Gramps around! 
The last evening of their visit, we landed at the botanical gardens around sunset for a leisurely stroll together. What a difference 10 days makes! Spring had arrived, in multiple forms. I tried to keep the posed people pictures to a minimum, so all might have the chance to enjoy the evening. It wasn't all that hard this time, with all the vegetation exploding!
I am blessed with such wonderful parents. Thank you so much for making the exodus to the east!


walt or jean said…
The significance of this visit for us is hard to put into words but I'll try: just lovely, joyful, sacred, fun and funny, sweet, delicious, informative, and full of the beauties of the South. Family is everything.
Tina said…
Wow, was that really only ten days after we were there? You're right, the vegetation looks way different!
Glad you guys had a good time together. :)