That's the name of Zane's pinewood derby car this year. He and his pops came home from the cutting-out-the-wood night with what appeared to me to be a big whale. After a bit of a let down ("that's not what we meant for it to look like, mom!") Zane decided to add some shark's teeth from our Gainesville creek-panning and a dinosaur and voila! Extinction was born.
Bless the men in my family's hearts, they don't make the fastest derby cars. I think they both sensed the inevitable outcome (plus B was feeling guilty about most likely being out of town at a conference for the actual event), so together they decided that if Zane lost, we'd all go to Red Bowl (a yummy little Asian food place in town) to celebrate.
The night of the derby came. Brandon showed up in the nick of time (score!), but Zane still placed a solid third (dis!). As he walked past his pops after losing his elimination duel, he whispered, "Looks like we're headed to Red Bowl."
Bribery is so right sometimes.


wyomingmom said…
I can't imagine anyone having a cooler car than "extinction" even if some were faster.
wyomingmom said…
I was so awed by Zane's car I forgot to mention that i almost didn't recognize Zane. What happened to his hair?
Tina said…
I'm so glad the dino made it back into the mouth! And third place ain't bad.