Annie Stories

Have you noticed the pictures of Annie lately have been missing one little detail?
Here's a before picture, to give you a hint.
Oh that tooth! It hung on for days, even when one half had broken loose and we could see the top of it!
One night, she bit extra hard into a bite of dinner, and started crying. By that point, I had had it with the dang tooth--I reached in, got my thumb nail in between tooth and gum, and yanked. Victory! The tooth was finally out.
Immediately, our happy Annie returned to us. It was as if the demon of the lingering tooth who had taken up residence inside her for the few days prior had finally been ousted, once and for all.
Speaking of Annie, she's continued her beloved family drawings. Here's the latest, also missing one {small but important} detail:
 Do you need a closer look?
 Since she wanted to hang it on our mantle, for decency's sake I had to ask her: "Annie, did you forget to put pants on Pops?"
Many giggles ensued. Oops, sorry about that Pops, she said, then corrected the misstep.
Phew! Speaking of Pops, he won an outstanding teaching award at work last month. I took a sneaky picture. Glad he remembered pants!


Tina said…
Ha! No pants! I'm glad he remembered them too, that would have been awkward!