SC Botanical Gardens with the you-know-whos

Our visitors have come and gone. Oh, we had a nice time with them! On their last full day here, we took them to the Botanical Gardens. I was afraid it would be more winter than spring there (due to the freezing temps that have lingered longer than I would have liked!) but we actually found lots of happiness. 
How do I feel about my dear brother and his family? See Zane below:

Speaking of Zane, as we were walking to school this morning after saying goodbye, a slightly weepy Zane trudged along and said, "Well I guess it's back to the real world now!"
How thankful I am to have memories of folks/visits like this to help with the real world days.


wyomingmom said…
How delightful! I especially like the swing pictures.
Tina said…
Was that only one week ago?!
Sad, I miss you.