First Look at Springtime

My zoo post marked the end of our fourth blog book (made using blurb's Booksmart and on its way to our house as I type)! As I thought about how to start the next one, I hesitated. Didn't I need to wait until something significant happened, to start us off with a bang? Then I remembered: that isn't what this blog has ever been about. It's about the moments, the simple, the insignificant. Somehow all the bits and pieces of our everydaynesses still add up to a fun read at the end of it all. And so, we blog on. :) 

It was finally feeling appropriate to make the kids play outside after school today. Soren's been adventuring out there for days, but I haven't insisted the older ones try yet. However, the daffodils are out and even some blossoms are appearing on trees around town, so today we gave it a go.
Come to think of it, friend play was a little rough out there today; I wonder if that was a sign I'd pushed too early. :) Nah.                     
This little one slept through the night for the first time in {what felt like} weeks last night. And then was grumpy most of today. Go figure. At least he puts on a good pose.


wyomingmom said…
I have a big grin on my face looking at that last innocent picture of Soren.
Tina said…
So blonde that little baby! Can't wait to see him!