Annie's Zigzag Quilt

Annie's always been the kind of girl who wants to master every trade. As a toddler this was very rough--one simply cannot tie their own shoes at 2 years old, you know? Oh, those painful early years of her life....
Anyway, thankfully we are past that and into the stage of her asking, "Can I do that?" to everything and me realizing I should go ahead and let her try (so the pain is still there for me, because it's hard to let go and give her a try at it, but thankfully at least it ends successfully for the most part these days).

So a few months ago when she was watching me put together little Jackson's quilt, she said her famous "Can I do that?" and although I couldn't quite give up control of that particular quilt, I pointed her towards my fabric stash, especially my zig zag chevrons and said, "You know what, find me some fabrics that match this one and you can make yourself a quilt!"

Woo hoo! She found fabrics, we picked out a design (coin quilt), then she helped cut out rectangles, rip  the long strips for the sashing, pin the pins in all steps along the way, push down the sewing pedal, and on and on.
Poor girl, she thought it would be done in "3 easy steps and 3 easy days." Um yeah, it took a little longer than that. (She didn't realize you often need days in between steps to take deep breaths and gain strength back.) But! 73 steps later, we finished it yesterday! As Annie was along for the entire ride, the mood was quite celebratory as we took the final results pictures last night.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, the (endless) piecing:
Then the quilt sandwiching. And the zigzag machine quilting:
(Aren't you thankful I didn't take pictures of ALL the steps?)

 And finally, the finished quilt! And its happy new owner:


Tina said…
Oh My Gosh- it's beautiful!
How patient you both are with the 73 steps. Not sure Maryn and I would have made it through.
walt or jean said…
Quilts are the perfect symbol of our covenants with Jesus. The cover us with such warmth and love just like He does.
Beautiful work you two!
Dashley said…
It hadn't occurred to me that you could machine quilt with a sewing machine! Love the zig-zags! Do you just have to be an awesome sewer (like you girly :)) or do you follow some sort of pattern?
Ashley, in case you ever look back to this for an answer: I used my regular sewing machine with a (separately purchased) walking foot. I still can't do the meandering stitches (that would require a darning foot, which was much more expensive), but I am able to sew straight lines or in this case, zig zags. I drew one zigzag stitch down the middle with a disappearing ink pen, then used a two-ish inch mark on my machine to guide the rest of the supposedly parallel lines. Like all my quilting, it's not perfect. But it is fine for Annie and me. :)