Zoo Day

So yes, we spent Saturday mid-day at the zoo. It was a great zoo! Zane wanted me to take a picture of every single animal we passed. I didn't. You're welcome. But here are our highlights, starting with Annie's favorite (koala) and the creatures of Brandon's nightmares (snakes):
When we came upon these flamingos, Zane looked at me questioningly: "Flamingos only have one leg?!"
Love how little of the alligator you outside the water:
And Zane's favorite, the komodo dragon:
My favorite things were actually these beautiful sculptures (statues?) scattered throughout the park. The kids posed with their favorites:
And Brandon posed with my favorite little wild animal:
who later had his own adventurous encounter when we arrived home:
And that, folks, was the zoo! Oh, except one more thing. For awhile it didn't seem like the elephants were going to let us get a picture of anything besides these:
We decided two elephants behinds are better than one!


walt or jean said…
We all have our buts. Or was that butts.
Tina said…
"I didn't. You're welcome"
You're funny.

I love that pic of Soren and the kitty! That was a very close encounter!
walt or jean said…
The monkey pose seems to come more natural for Zane than it does for Annie.