Visitors from up North

Last weekend one of my favorite people came to visit. She is a warrior and drove almost 10 hours with her three children in tow just to see the you-know-whos in SC! 
We did many things, but took no pictures, until the last five minutes of their trip. These were done on Tuesday morning as my kiddos headed off to school and these wonderful folks headed back up north for another long drive of travel.
First, the big kids. I love how they are lined up, tallest to smallest, although not oldest to youngest. Pretty girl Jane there has Annie by about 6 months, but Annie has Jane by about 6 inches, doesn't she?

 Also, there were babies. Babies who didn't really want their pictures taken one bit.
 In other words, when the request that EVERYONE mash together for a picture came out, all heck broke loose.
That last picture is a better look at how the weekend went anyway. Many children, many directions, some happy, some sad, and the mothers all the while trying to keep the peace and lift the spirits.
Cami, I would like no one better to try and keep peace with (and do quilts and exchange recipes and talk and talk and talk) than you. :) Next time, we need to be the warriors who make the trek! Thanks for showing me it's possible! 


Tina said…
Your last paragraph is so true- many kids in many directions, some happy some sad. Pretty much my life. Are you sure you're ready for a Stone invasion?