So we got some real snow after all. Three whole inches!! And because of it we did indeed get the rest of the week off. "Six Day Weekend!" shouts Zane. We will never top this.

Wednesday actually seemed bonafide. Clemson was even closed so B worked from home. On his lunch break, he took the kids sledding. Soren and I went along for 10 minutes of pictures at the beginning.

I think Soren would rather stick to jumping in puddles from here on out.
(10 points for anyone who can recognize the above beanie..)

Serendipitously, we happened upon two group of friends, both sledding at the same spot and both of whom had additional sleds for our sorry selves! Thank you friends!
Today it's balmy and thawing; by next weekend we're hopefully back to 70 and spring.
Six day weekend, woot!


walt or jean said…
I'm thinking the hat came from Laramie and maybe Brandon gave it to you. You have more snow than we do!
We still haven't ever had a snow day since Caitlin started school. You would think they would at least give us a wind day or cold day once in a while.
Tina said…
Pretty sure Soren stole the hat from me :)
Your snow is perfect! Fun for a few days and then gone. I wish.