More of that white stuff

Well folks, the snow has returned.
Big and flaky this time, although not sticking to the ground just yet.
Have no fear, schools are still closed today, definitely tomorrow, probably the rest of the week.
I had no idea that "snow day" really meant "any bit of snow day" and not "so much snow you're snowed in day." If there is snow, no one goes anywhere, for days. 
It's cool.
Or a bit ridiculous.
Maybe both.
Anyway, I don't think we are going to get pummeled like the rest of the Atlanta-through-Columbia-to-Raleigh corridor is (we're just a bit northwest of all that), but what's the harm in acting like it?

The children and I braved the mighty storm to head to the {also nearly deserted} library (which will be closed tomorrow, they made sure I knew), but not before Soren got his first glimpse/taste of the powder. 

He has never looked so much like E.T as in that first moment above. :) It's a good look for him, although I'm biased I know. Most looks are good looks for him.

"I get my siblings home all day AND I get to wander around in this fun white stuff? Beauty!"
"Oh mom, are you quoting me on the blog already? Shucks."

Annie was thrilled there was "enough snow for snow foot prints!" It if weren't for the post modern house across the street complete with newly decal-ed out pickup truck in the driveway, I would say she was on her way to Narnia or something.

And later, puddle jumping. Maybe even more fun than chasing-snow-with-tongues. 
Don't worry, we'll be here all week!


gaylene said…
Beautiful pictures! And I thought the same thing about Annie heading to Narnia :)
Tina said…
Those hugs wet snowflakes look SO COOL on camera!
And I don't know why, but Annie looks like a teenager in that first pic. Maybe it's the distance or angle you shot from, but seriously- a look into the future.