A weekend visit to Columbia

Zane's been asking for months, "When can we visit the state capital building?" We've been asking each other for months, "When are we going to get to the temple again?" Both were accomplished (plus a colossal day at the zoo with the entire population of SC) last weekend.

B had some business to take care of Friday morning in Columbia so he went down first, the kids and me joining him later in the afternoon. I had hoped to appease the 3rd grader in the family with a simple, slow drive by, so when we got close to the Capitol (called the State House here, apparently, I learned that after the fact), I said as much: "Ok guys, we're about to pass the Capitol--get ready to look up and smile!" And without missing a beat, Zane announced, "And when we get there, we will stop and look around for a few minutes!" Stop? Really? Ahem, of course, great idea Zane!
It was one of the first times in recent history he didn't mind having his picture taken.

 (Brandon's folks and siblings, feel free to shudder. I really tried this time to remember the poor guy's name but to no avail!)
Have you had enough of the State House?

Soren got the drift after awhile: sit down, pose, stand up. Repeat.

You were dying for another look at Strom Thurmond, weren't you?
(Remembered only because there's an entire Strom Thurmond Institute [library] on the Clemson campus. Oh, and his name is big and bold on the sign.)
And look, even better than Strom: SPRING.
(Perhaps the one thing Columbia has on the upstate--slightly warmer temperatures meant the trees had begun to bloom. Swoon!)

 And one more: a replica of the Liberty Bell. I had to capture the studious fellow once more: "Those information plaques are very interesting!"
Now, did I manage to take even one picture of the Columbia Temple, which we frequented both Friday night and Saturday morning? Of course not! But the State House is covered! Next up, the ZOO!


Tina said…
So much goodness in this post!

Poor "fellow on the horse", wasn't there a plaque somewhere that Zane could have read and remembered for you?

SPRING?! What the heck! I'm am so extremely jealous. Pretty sure I've forgotten what flowers look like.

And Strom Thurmond just happens to be my favorite Congressman.

And your baby is pretty dang cute.