100th day of Kindergarten + depictions

Many of you might remember when Z busted out these glasses for his 100th day (although his was 1st grade, apparently). Annie wanted to carry on the tradition. She also insisted on a bun and "fancy" clothes. "Because old people are always just.... fancy, ya know!"

Speaking of Annie, she's been blessing us with stellar family depictions lately. Cute, almost bald Pops with square glasses; Mom always with curly curls (and shout for joy arms, Hooray for life!); and ---wait--- who's that poor character on the far right with the crazypants-out-of-control hairstyle?
Oh yeah, that's Zane.
Poor Zane. The hair was getting out of control. But even worse than the appearance (apparently he wasn't so concerned about that, that was all me) was the daily hair brushing torture. It was getting beyond manageable.
On Saturday, we remedied the problem.
Look, there's Zane! He's escaped from underneath the forest creatures who used to inhabit his hair. 
I've missed him.
He'd only take those first pictures if I let him do some karate chops as well.

Now, our detailed depictions can be a little --ahem--calmer.

 Too bad that doesn't work on real children.
(Gotta love the in-focus railings and background trees! I continue to be myself!)


Tina said…
I love the new haircut!
And I love love love the drawings! I love how "fancy" she draws you. The first one with a dress and red socks. The second one with a(nother) dress, this time with a necklace, hairbow and turquoise knee socks! You're secret's out- you really DO dress like a 50s housewife (plus the fancy socks)!
gaylene said…
All of these pictures made me laugh :D
Zane's hair in that first drawing was awesome!
Emily said…
I. Want. Those. Glasses.

...Send them to me and I can be the next one to have a photo shoot with them? ;)