Snow in SC

Ever since we moved here, I have heard tell that it snows at least once a year in the upstate. But then we experienced a very "mild" winter last winter (which was cold ENOUGH if you asked me, having just come from FL) and snow never made its appearance.
I wasn't really expecting anything different this year.  Plus, the weather kept avoiding itself. The rains would come as the temperature dangled around 40 degrees. Then the sun would come out and the temperature would drop, sometimes into under the 10s! (I know I know, some of you (floridians) are shocked at how low that is and other (westerners) are shocked that that's it!) But the temperature and the precipitation couldn't ever. quite. get. together. and the idea of "snow" remained just that: an idea.
Until this week (dun, dun, dun!).
I know what you're thinking! After that lead in, We must have gotten pummeled! 
Um, well. We got one inch.
That's it. Yesterday it snowed lightly for about 4 hours, and once the precipitation finished we had about one inch.
So why am I blogging?
Well, school let out early yesterday, to prepare for the big storm.
And school got cancelled today, because of it.
And we just got a call that it's cancelled tomorrow, for what reason I cannot figure out. Brandon thought it was a prank call from the district. Really, another snow day? For this?!
I don't know whether to laugh or cry, so I've decided to blog.
Bless South Carolina's heart, it doesn't know the meaning of a true snow day.
Zane went outside for 20 minutes, then came in saying, "It was okay, but I was really spoiled at Gigi's house last Christmas."
 Did I mention Soren's been raring to go for weeks now? He happened to be slumbering during the actual EVENT, but don't tell him, please, or I might have to bundle him up yet again.

Happy (no actual) snow days!


gaylene said…
cutest little snowman ever :)
My kids were disappointed we didn't see any snow yesterday -- the news said it might snow for 5 minutes, even though it wasn't supposed to touch the ground. If it snowed for 5 minutes, we missed it.
Tina said…
Phew- I made it! I promise I won't ever let this happen again.

Our district called two "snow days" in a row this week too. Except, unlike you, we had no snow. Just subzero temps. Confused? Me too. If they decide to call a snow day for subzero temps, I think we might miss the whole month of February.

And I love the little snowman. And Zane's attitude, like "people- this isn't real snow".

You're the best!
Jenny said…
Ha ha! Don't you remember our snow days on Bainbridge? Oh, your kids weren't in school yet, were they? But exactly the same thing! I think they've gotten better over the past few years, though...this year our 1/2" of snow only caused a 2 hour late start.