First funnies of 2014

There is much to write! But before I forget everything, a few quotes from my middle one:

During FHE on Monday, Annie wanted to sing a song she'd learned in primary (in Gainesville!) the day before. "It's about the bishop!" Of course, I have all primary songs memorized, like it or not, so I immediately began, "Busy as a man can be, he's! our! bi! shop!" Annie piped in, "He has time to talke to me, he's! our! bi! shop!" All the while Brandon looked on dumbfounded: "You're not making this up?" Nope. Anyway, we go on with the (abbreviated as always) lesson until Annie remembers I wanted to start doing a weekly read of the Old Testament via an activity in the Friend magazine (are you still following me?) so she screams, "WAIT! MOM! YOU WANTED..." etc etc. I shook my head, told her I was too tired after returning from our trip and doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning up, dinner, dishes, etc. "Wow," she said, "You're busy as a bishop!" Well, yes, yes I am!

Then last night, I had been lured in by strawberries at the store and found BOGO (buy one get one free) (don't worry, all I see when I see BOGO is BOGO) pound cake right next to them, so I couldn't NOT purchase some, and we found ourselves with scrumptious strawberry shortcake after dinner. Zane of course offered his opinion: "Delicious!" But then Annie added, "Yeah, I must say, BRAVO. I mean, not to you, mom. Bravo to the people who actually MADE this." Caught. :) Thanks Annie.
Stay tuned for a little more Christmas, a little New Years in FL, and many more of my ramblings, as per usual.


Tina said…
That girl doesn't miss a thing!

And Brandon, don't worry- I don't know the bishop song either. Sounds made-up to me too.