Cats and Cooooooold

Since returning home, it's been cooooold outside. I know, nothing like you folks up north with your polar vortex something something. But still, brrr. Except, Soren doesn't seem to mind (whose kid is he?). He still hangs by the door, waiting for the right opportunity and scoot, scoot, scooting out whenever he gets the chance. I have to intercept him before he gets too far and throw on whatever hat, jacket, scarf, glove combination I can find at the moment before I can set him free to roam.
 He usually almost immediately heads out in search for our neighbor's cat. See the cat there on the left-hand side? It is most certainly running away at this point.
See, Soren LOVES the cat. And the cat would probably like him back better if it weren't for all the screeching with delight and flailing about. But because of the enthusiasm, the kitty kitty {Oreo} usually keeps his distance.
Z has a better handle on how to make friends, while Soren looks on from a distance, in rapture (screech!).
The cat likes me too.
Unless I have a certain someone in my lap.
Brrr!! More pictures of cute babies in winter gear coming up!! (It's kinda all we do right now.)


Tina said…
You Stones and the kitties, they love you! Cat Whisperers- the lot of you!

Too bad Soren apparently got more of the Ross genes on that one.