Thanksgiving preview

Happy Thanksgiving from our crew!
There are a few funny stories to share (including these wonderful place settings Annie made, except wait, Annie, why is everyone crying? Because crying is fun! she says) and many pictures as well, but all my tired eyes have time for this evening is a preview. Here you go.
Our visit was absolutely successful (Smokin' Pig BBQ for Thanksgiving dinner tradition continued, check!) and we are thankful to be blessed with such wonderful family, near and far.


walt or jean said…
We love and cherish you all.
D'Lynne Esplin said…
Way cute blog. Miss you :)
Dashley said…
My kids and I loved catching up on your blog this afternoon! Precious comments included,
"Whoa Lisey, look! Soren is getting so big! Can you believe it?"
"There's Zane! THere's Zane!"
"Annie is sure being silly!" (halloween costume pic)
Very enjoyable. Miss you guys!!
Tina said…
"Crying is fun"?! Where does she come up with this?
I'm sorry, but there is something really funny about....I just realized this may not be comment appropriate. I'll have to tell you later.