Thanksgiving Details

We were lucky enough to have B's parents for a few days the weekend before Thanksgiving, then a few more days directly surrounding the holiday with the addition of super Lindsey from Mary-land. My pictures are jumbled time-wise, but who cares, right? We were happy to have them, whenever they were here.
And while they were here, we took walks and played games and did puzzles and read stories and had pie for breakfast and all the wonderful things you do while together on this holiday (Zane also created a whole new country named "New Z-land," complete with a flag and symbols and a state bird and rock and vegetable and grass and flower and I can't remember the rest but I should know them because he made us all study the "fact sheet" then take a test on it) (but that is beside the point here) (please refer back to the statement that we did everything you would normally do on this weekend)..... except for one thing.
We did not cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. For the second year in a row.
Instead, we had delicious pulled pork and sweet potato crunch and brunswick stew from a fabulous local BBQ place (I mentioned the name in my last post, don't want you to think we're OBSESSED so trying to discuss it non-chalantly here..) and supplemented with roasted root vegetables and steamed green beans and fresh pineapple.
So basically a repeat of last year's, with a few additions from both the PLACE and our kitchen. 
(I almost forgot a picture! Hence the no-stew+no crunch+bites taken out of sandwich. Just keeping a bit of the mystery alive so that more of you will come visit in hopes of experiencing it yourselves.)
Sigh. I can see how traditions get their start.
During our final evening together, we went back to the botanical gardens and enjoyed soaking up what was left of autumn.
I've become extra skilled at getting the background in focus instead of the people--anyone have a helpful hint? Besides don't be dumb? Sigh. 
People claim there are things of beauty to be seen every season of the year at these gardens. It was fun to spot the "late bloomers."

We finished at the old train car. I didn't take this next series of pictures, but I'm happy someone did.
We had quite a lovely weekend (or two) with our visitors from the west and north. Just ask Soren.


walt or jean said…
Thanks for sharing-looks like lots of fun was had by all!!
Tina said…
Annie on two wheels!
I love the late bloomers too! Very narcissistic of them though "I'm going to wait to bloom until there's no more color left outside and then BAM- everyone will notice me!"
I love the picture of Soren "A firm grip" and he is doing anything but that!