One more warm afternoon

One of my only regrets from Emily's visit was not pulling out my "real" camera. I cherish my memories-through-pictures of our past visits together, and truly wish we would have busted some non-camera-phone shots. Oh well! Something is better than nothing!
The day after Emily left, though, was warm with bright moments of sun, and with the kids playing happily in our yard I finally walked my lazy self inside and got the nikon. And I'm glad I did!

Emily commented on how Soren was our little "bruiser" child. I thought he sure fit that bill in these next couple of poses (taken to practice my dang foreground/background focusing skills).
Zane and Annie were playing some kick-the-ball-over-your-sister's-head-then-cheer-too-enthusiastically-and-make-her-cry-then-apologize-and-do-it-all-over-again game. If they survive childhood together and still manage to be friends I will count myself lucky.
After enough tears I made them stop and come over for sun drenched happiness-together shots. Pretty good fakers, no? 
Oh I love flip flops. This was the last I'll probably see of the for awhile. Sniff.


Tina said…
flip-flops in December?! I am more than jealous! Plus, baby skinny jeans are the bomb.