Merry Christmas

Been wanting to share these since sometime in late November...still wishing there were glimpses of the parents, but sometimes you have to take what you can get, don't you?
 I'm already thinking of resolutions (Zane calls them revolutions, I can't bear to correct him) for next year. Not the dumb ones that you break after 12 trying days; instead, the real, "these are long overdue in coming and will make life more enjoyable" ones. 
On the list so far: bring back the [written down] weekly menu. I didn't have a good calendar for it this year, isn't that a silly obstacle? But I've got one now and I'm READY to know what we're having for dinner days in advance, instead of every day feeling like I'm reinventing the wheel at 4:03pm. Or let's be honest, 5:36pm. So taxing, that wheel.
Also on the list? Plan and proceed early. Make an appointment for Christmas pictures by mid-October. Send birthday cards (gasp!) early. Be okay with being a few minutes early to things. (Learn exactly how one gets to things a few minutes early.) Buy Christmas gifts that must be shipped the week after Halloween, not the week before the big day. Go to sleep early.
It appears what would really solve my problems are a cook, a secretary, and a nanny. :) 
Also? Read. I've been starting on this one. It feels good. Doesn't help the go to sleep early thing though. drats.
In essence, don't be worried about looking a bit over zealous about life. Lead! Smile! (Then wait for everyone else to show up.)


Kjerstin said…
I LOVE your revolutions! I made a list last night of the daily schedule type things that I want to start doing or tweak to just have a better routine. Hopefully it sticks. ;)
Tina said…
Again, love the Annie poses!

Great revolutions! I really skipped over that whole self-reflect thing this year. Arizona trips, polar vortexes, Influenza A... Now here on Jan 30- I might be ready to think about some revolutions of my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

I, too, would love to know what is for dinner days in advance- or even the morning of would be nice. I, too, would love to do a weekly menu.

And what are you reading? I'm reading too!