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It has been a full and happy week. Last Sunday was the Christmas program at church. Lots of work by a lot of people made for a lovely program, in music and word. Our women sang John Rutter's "Mary's Lullaby" (thanks for the tip last year, Jon Stone) and our men sang a classic-and-lights-out rendition of "We Three Kings." They also joined together for "Once in Royal David's City" and Wilberg's arrangement of "Silent Night." I am always in awe of that many people (34 singers this year!) coming together week after week absolutely voluntarily (okay, perhaps with a few pokes, prods, and begging) to produce something hopefully pleasing to the ear for our small-but-loyal congregation. It felt last Sunday like we were singing for our family: trusted, loving ears who would not only hear the notes we produced but also the songs in our hearts. And this year it was especially fun to accompany 4 poignant talks with these choir pieces and congregational singing. I'm still basking in the happiness of it, a week later. 

And the night before that Annie and I went to "The Nutcracker," which she wanted to dress up fancy for. Notice her pink silk scarf of musical notes. Such a cutie.
This week was also the last week of school before Christmas, which made for parties and more parties and another party after that. Annie was so excited about one particular class activity: "We get to wear our pajamas, and eat pizza, and watch "PANDA EXPRESS!"
Ok but the actual reason why I had to blog tonight (the rest was just catch up, really) was this:
This is what B and Z were doing after the other kids were down, basically to kill time. The question is this: Sally is 5000 ft away, driving towards the building you're standing on (100 stories up). You have a water balloon that you'd like to drop on Sally's head. When do you drop it?
Can you see how this was both entertaining and educational? Mostly entertaining?
As I sit and type this post, the boys are now just chatting, talking about various career paths. Here's a snippet of Zane: "Well, I want to be someone who does math all day, but I also want to check up on what people are interested in, be making up bonus questions, maybe give prizes to the winners. I like to see what other people's theories are! I'm interested in what the wrong answers reveal and why."
Seriously, folks.
So tonight, thanks to panda express and physics (oh, and Soren squawking "NO!" for every interaction), I'm a happy gal (mostly happy they're all in bed!).
Here's to another week of goodness.


walt or jean said…
Thanks for sharing these amazing stories and pictures. We love your blog. And we especially love you.
Tina said…
Oh my word! Who does math for fun?! Oh that's right- the Rosses. Smarty-pants.
So fun that you went to the Nutcracker. It's a tradition for Maryn and me, but she won't ever dress up. Stinker.