Friend Emily's Visit

Last week, just about 12 hours after saying goodbye to the second half of our Thanksgiving company (so that means 5:30 am by train!), we were lucky enough to have my old friend Emily (from Seattle days of music school and willy-S) come and stay a few days.
Emily is currently a rockstar jazz trombonist in NYC (she was even onstage with the band during this program recently, amazing!), complete with her own band, Emily Asher's Garden Party. I was so thankful she would take a few days out of her bustling schedule to sloooooowwwww down in SC with her boring old mom-friend. :) She claims my life is pretty cool too, bless her heart. :)
Seriously, having Emily here warmed my heart and filled my stomach (she's also a great cook!) and filled my happiness bucket in a way only old friends can. Emily, have I touted enough? What a woman you are!
During her short 3-day stay, we spent mornings at the gym (bless her!), afternoons with the sleeping kiddo (this was prime visiting/therapy time) then awake kiddos, and evenings cooking and eating and talking some more. She even practiced her horn a bit and when she did, it was to an interested, admiring audience (Annie). Finally, Annie let it known that she played the piano, and Emily asked if she might be interested in doing a little duet session. YES I WOULD, came the reply and off they went, for hours. Emily even got to witness the classic cry-cry-cry-try-master cycle Annie uses when figuring out a challenging phrase. And whenever they'd begin together again, Annie would take charge and say, "1 2 3 4, 1 2 ready go."
How could I not record some of it?

PS: Guess who wants a trombone for Christmas now?
Our last mid-day together (before dropping Emily at the GSP airport) was spent exploring downtown Greenville. What a cool place! I had heard rumors that it was worth checking out, but hadn't quite understood what was the big whoop was about. Well it was awesome! A historic, cascading waterfall over enormous boulders, all recently revamped (apparently the waterfall has been hiding under a highway since the 1960s?) and greenspace-d out. Then a clean, chic downtown 10-block with shops and restaurants (can anyone say indian food with gelato down the block?) and the Peace Center for the Performing Arts (not to be mistaken for the PEE center, which is what it sounds like on the radio) where the symphony plays and other big names come in for concerts on a regular basis. There were art studios and outdoor playing venues and even a splash pad for kids on warmer days. In other words, if you come visit us, fly in or out of Greenville please, so we can take a trip to downtown!

At some point during Emily's happy visit, Brandon noted, "We need to hire someone every day from 4-6pm to come and be Michelle's friend!" Yes, yes we do.


gaylene said…
haha :D I love brandon's comment. What a cool friend, and Annie is a good pianist!
Maria said…
Looks simply delightful! Hooray for good friends!!
Kjerstin said…
I would LOVE that job!!! ;)
Tina said…
So when we come:
1. smokin' pig
2. greenville

Because I need BBQ AND gelato.