Told you it was coming

Our special grandparent visitors are here! They, with the more brave half of our family, are at a certain football game.
The rest of us are napping, reading the pre-fixes section of the dictionary ("Hey, I've heard 'Sept' Septillion!"), and blogging. Because you can't wait any longer to see this year's Thankful Tree! Then the blogger plans to join the napper, while the dictionary lover moves on to The House of Hades. Let's get to it.
 Highlights this year come mostly from our aforementioned budding kindergartener: "croozer," "bruthorz," "Eme (for you emmygirl!)," "fez," and "das clas" are some of my favorites. I love that she knew how to spell "Publix" correctly though. That's a girl. 
Other honorable mentions this year: P.V.Z. (Do I even want to admit and remember forever more? Plants Vs. Zombies, that's what. Not something I'm thankful for.) and Sleep! (wishful thankfulness).
"What?" asks Soren, from below.


walt or jean said…
We are so grateful for the Ross Family!
Emily said…
I made the tree! Woot! (:
Emily said…
I made the tree! Woot! (:
Tina said…
I love your tree! I really wanted to do this this year also, but didn't make it happen. Surprise. i like that yours was a manageable size, the ones I have seen are huge and maybe that was intimidating for me. Or maybe I'm just lazy.